What SSM7 offers

The educational objectives of SSM7 are:

  • To provide an in depth perspective of the drug discovery process at the beginning of the XXIst century, from basic research of disease pathways to the rational design of safe and effective molecules with appropriate drug-like properties.
  • To offer an overview of drug development from proof of concept (POC) to registration.
  • To introduce issues of market access documentation needs following registration, together with approaches to their early identification and integration into the overall product development plan.







The program will include an oral session, where participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss with colleagues how their own research fits in the continuum of drug discovery.

Participants  will also benefit from a personalized visit to the state of the art drug discovery facilities of IRIC (Institut for Research in Immunology and Cancer).

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Easy access to experts and speakers is an important feature of SSM7.


By attending the 6th Discovery to Development Industrial Symposium, students will have an opporutity to network with drug development specialists in Montreal, a city which ranks 6th among North America’s largest metropolitan areas in the life science and health technologies sector.

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